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Maritime Union of New ZealandConcern over fuel shortage risk as shipping disruptions continue

There are concerns in the maritime sector that petrol supplies could be affected by the same type of shipping disruptions creating chaos in other supply chains.

Maritime Union of New ZealandCampaign for New Zealand coastal tankers says fuel security at risk

Three unions representing New Zealand shipping crews are mounting a united campaign to protect New Zealand’s fuel security and save New Zealand coastal tankers.

Maritime Union of New ZealandNew Zealand’s fuel security is under threat.

Following the decision to close Marsden Point refinery, petrol companies want to import refined fuel to our ports with overseas shipping. This means the two coastal tankers on the New Zealand coast MT Kokako and MT Matuku will be removed from service. New Zealand will then be completely reliant on overseas shipping to supply our fuel – with no backup.

Maritime Union of New ZealandA shipping plan to resolve the supply chain crisis

New Zealand needs a national ports strategy that links in with a coastal shipping strategy, and we need to get this up and running now.

International Longshore and Warehouse UnionMembers of Locals 20 and 30 attend stewards training intensive

International Longshore and Warehouse UnionLocal 8 ULP Strike Urges Overseas Employer to Drop Baseless Lawsuit

International Longshore and Warehouse UnionILWU members at OIA Global ratify first contract

International Longshore and Warehouse UnionGiving is a tradition: ILWU’s 24th Annual Feed the Community Day

International Longshore and Warehouse UnionLooking back at the 1948 strike

International Longshore and Warehouse UnionITF Inspector, Columbia River vacancy

Maritime Union of New ZealandRemoval of New Zealand coastal tankers will put fuel security in jeopardy

Maritime Union of New Zealand / New Zealand Merchant Service Guild joint statement

Maritime Union of New ZealandStevedoring company ISO broke law around union access

Australian-owned stevedoring company ISO was breaking the law when it tried to prevent Maritime Union representatives access to its Whangarei workplace at Northport.

International Longshore and Warehouse UnionILWU Statement on the Workers Killed in Tornado Disasters in Illinois and Kentucky

Maritime Union of New ZealandNew Zealand’s ports need to work together – and move into coastal shipping

As supply chain pressures continue to build, immediate action is required.

Maritime Union of New ZealandFuel security at risk

New Zealand should not rely on assurances of international fuel companies about our fuel security.

International Longshore and Warehouse UnionAs warehouse heat rises, politicians slow to act

Maritime Union of New ZealandMaritime Union statement on appointment of new Ports of Auckland CEO

Maritime Union of New Zealand National Secretary Craig Harrison says the appointment marks a new start for the troubled Port.

Maritime Union of New ZealandOngoing shipping crisis needs clear analysis and immediate action

New developments are worsening rather than improving New Zealand’s international freight links.

Maritime Union of New ZealandNew coastal shipping report welcomed

Maritime Union of New Zealand National Secretary Craig Harrison says the report has drawn on a wide range of input from the maritime industry and identified important areas for work.

International Longshore and Warehouse UnionInlandboatmen’s Union tackles challenges, embraces opportunities at 25th Convention

Maritime Union of New ZealandWhy Steve got vaccinated

Steve works at the Lyttelton Port Company in Christchurch and got vaccinated to reduce the chance of bringing COVID-19 from his workplace to his wh?nau at home.

Maritime Union of New ZealandJohn Whiting retires after many years service to Maritime Union

A historic day as long serving Wellington official John Whiting has his last Wellington Branch executive meeting.

Maritime Union of New ZealandCalls for levy to safeguard New Zealand’s fuel security

New Zealand needs to keep its own fuel tankers on the coast to ensure fuel security, paid for by a small fuel levy.

Maritime Union of New ZealandMaritime Union calls for Government review of Marsden Point closure

The closure of Marsden Point refinery is sending New Zealand on a high risk track at a bad time.

Maritime Union of New ZealandMaritimes magazine Spring 2021

The official magazine of the Maritime Union of New Zealand

Maritime Union of New ZealandWe are the Union

Find out more about the Maritime Union of New Zealand.

Maritime Union of New Zealand1951 waterfront lockout commemorated in Lyttelton

A weekend of events was held in Lyttelton on 12-14 November 2021, marking the 70th anniversary of the 1951 Waterfront Lockout.

Maritime Union of New ZealandCourt ruling signals big changes for shift workers on waterfront

A new court decision means employers will be required to compensate workers for their “availability” for shifts.

International Longshore and Warehouse UnionILWU/ITF honored at 2021 Maritime Industry Salute

International Longshore and Warehouse UnionLocal 19 Votes 93% in favor of LDC grain agreement

International Longshore and Warehouse UnionRoll Call: Wild Lilac teachers present and ready to bargain

International Longshore and Warehouse UnionILWU President Willie Adams meets with President Biden to discuss supply chain crisis at historic White House meeting

Maritime Union of New ZealandTransport workers call for radical transformation to public ownership

Unions want transport to be supported by an energy transition plan, for a modal shift to publicly-owned transport, and for major investment in zero carbon transport infrastructure and services under democratic control.

Maritime Union of New ZealandMaritime workers back campaign to reduce shipping emissions to net zero

The Maritime Union of New Zealand is backing a global worker-led campaign to reduce emissions in the shipping industry to net zero by 2050.

Maritime Union of New ZealandClarification needed on MIQ for New Zealand crews

The union representing New Zealand seafarers is asking the Government to provide more clarity around MIQ rules for crews working in international waters.

International Longshore and Warehouse UnionILWU Titled Officers, Coast Committeemen, and Executive Board sworn in

Maritime Union of New ZealandDownsides of Marsden Point closure are increasing

It has been reported that the cost of imported bitumen will be rising by 40%.

Maritime Union of New ZealandNo one is safe until we are all safe

Are you a transport worker? Add your name to the open letter from transport workers calling on the UK, Germany and Swiss governments to make vaccines available to all.

International Longshore and Warehouse UnionILWU support letter to IATSE

International Longshore and Warehouse UnionEd Asner, actor, labor leader and longtime friend of the ILWU

International Longshore and Warehouse UnionBellingham longshore workers play key role in Columbia River jetty repair

International Longshore and Warehouse UnionPaul Trani, former President of ILWU Local 63

International Longshore and Warehouse UnionSoCal unions celebrate Labor Day with solidarity, mutual aid

International Longshore and Warehouse UnionILWU stands behind San Diego warehouse workers seeking union recognition

International Longshore and Warehouse UnionVideo message from President Willie Adams: Solidarity with the MUA

Maritime Union of New ZealandNew Zealand maritime workers back Fremantle port workers

The Maritime Union of New Zealand is backing Fremantle port workers in their dispute with Qube Stevedores.

Maritime Union of New ZealandInterisland ferry problems show need for rebuilding coastal shipping

It is urgent New Zealand rebuild a New Zealand flagged and crewed coastal shipping fleet that can provide reliable and efficient service for regional ports and inter-island trade.

Maritime Union of New ZealandNew Zealand shipping answer to supply chain crisis

As concerns about New Zealand’s supply chain grow, the Maritime Union says the answers are there to alleviate shipping and port congestion.

Maritime Union of New ZealandExplanation demanded on Ports’ monster payout to ex-CEO

The Maritime Union of New Zealand is backing efforts to uncover why a million-dollar payment (on top of salary) was made to former Ports of Auckland CEO Tony Gibson following his resignation earlier this year.

Maritime Union of New ZealandAuckland port workers call for worker representation on Board

There are “1.7 million reasons” why this should happen immediately, following revelations on a payout made to former CEO Tony Gibson, who resigned in May.

Maritime Union of New ZealandPorts of Auckland CEO payout “unreal”

A massive payout to the former CEO of Ports of Auckland is an insult to port workers, Auckland ratepayers, and the families of those who have died at Ports of Auckland.

International Longshore and Warehouse UnionMaritime fuel workers win union in Tacoma supply chain

International Longshore and Warehouse UnionAngela Davis made an honorary member of Local 10 in Juneteenth induction ceremony

International Longshore and Warehouse UnionLocal 19 members celebrate Juneteenth to protect the port & save the historic home of Frank Jenkins

International Longshore and Warehouse UnionHonoring Bloody Thursday in uncertain times

Maritime Union of New ZealandVale John Coombs

The Maritime Union of New Zealand has paid tribute to former Maritime Union of Australia National Secretary John Coombs, who died on 1 September 2021.

Maritime Union of New ZealandMaritime Union flags concerns over coastal tanker threat

New Zealand’s energy security is under threat as New Zealand flagged coastal tankers face an uncertain future.

Maritime Union of New ZealandMaritime Union statement on port worker vaccination

Maritime Union of New Zealand National Secretary Craig Harrison says misinformation is threatening health and safety in ports.

Maritime Union of New ZealandCOVID: Looking after your mental wellbeing

It’s all right not to be all right. COVID-19 has had a significant impact on how we interact with others, our work, study and many other aspects of our daily lives. Everyone reacts differently to difficult events, and some may find this time more challenging than others.

Maritime Union of New ZealandPosthumous medal applications – Merchant Navy

To make a posthumous Medal Application to the NZ Defence Force for World War 2 medals for your Grandfather, a seaman and member of the NZ Seaman’s Union, crewing on a ship of the ‘merchant navy of New Zealand’ on New Zealand coastal voyages, during World War 2.